Although I had been in the digital marketing space for nearly 10 years, I needed a fresh challenge, and there’s no better challenge than the Google Digital Garage

But at 55 I was too old!

After all, I kept hearing this from friends once they reached 40, so I had no chance at 55!

…but I went for it anyway, it was more to challenge myself more than anything.

I walked into this huge room packed with younger proteges, I think I was probably the oldest in the entire room!

We then got down to ‘selling ourselves’, and I was like a man possessed lol

1 month later I received notification that I was successful!

Thank goodness I hadn’t let my ‘limiting beliefs’ around age stop me.

I rarely sit down and contemplate my results, but this was one of those rare times I gave myself a well-deserved pat on the back.

I loved working at the Google digital garage being able to help and empower business owners was my calling, and something I relished and woke up every morning excited.

However, because of my digital marketing knowledge that I had accumulated over the past 10 years, I found myself consulting on so many different digital marketing strategies. Don’t get me wrong, I loved this, no 2 days were the same.

When Covid hit, the digital garage closed, and I went back to running my digital marketing agency, Red Chilli Digital.

However, because I had consulted on so many different marketing strategies and platforms, I felt that I needed to continue with that same approach.

…that’s where the problems started!

I became overwhelmed at the dozens of different lead generation, SEO, Social selling strategies and platforms that I needed to keep up to speed with.

Because of this, I found myself spiralling out of control. I just couldn’t keep up with the constant platform changes, and I was becoming the typical ‘jack of all trades but master of none’.

Work started to become a chore. I was consulting on too many things, it was so difficult to stay ahead of each platform/strategy.

I found myself sitting for 12 hours a day in front of my screens but not actually achieving that much. Have you ever felt the same?

I was about to crash and burn!

I’m not actually sure what a breakdown should feel like and the actual symptoms, but I’m sure as hell certain I had one!
One of my saving graces was a bit of a spur of the moment decision that I spoke to my daughter about.

Our labrador Buster had passed away a few years ago, and it felt as if something was missing. It was time to get another furry friend.

It may have been fate, but we searched far and wide, and we ended up finding Lillie, our new family member less than 1 mile away from where we live!

Our little Lillie
Our little Lillie

Lillie has taken me from an office ‘hermit’ to getting out every day and enjoying the outdoors again.

She has brought my smile back and I’ve lost nearly 3 stone in weight since she joined our family.

I’m so grateful to her for her boundless energy and fun.

I’m more focused in my agency again!

I know what works for my clients to help them scale, and I do not deviate now from this 3-step system that I have developed.

I now leap out of bed each morning, excited to help and get the results that I know I can.

No more of being a ‘generalist’ because that doesn’t help me or my clients!

If you’d like to learn more about my 3-step system and how it has helped businesses scale please reach out and I’d be delighted to hop on a quick Zoom call with you. Just drop me a line at our Contact Us page.

Take care and thanks for reading, Phil