Right FACEBOOK or META (whatever you’re calling yourself this week!) – You’re NEXT!

WARNING! Don’t stop advertising on Facebook if it’s WORKING for your business, this is based on MY experience!

Facebook Advertising Accounts

Why do you keep blocking me?

You have disabled my ad account since 2021 (I haven’t advertised in years and NEVER will again BTW!!!!).

Can You Easily Contact Facebook?

Short answer….NO!

Facebook vs Google

Long answer….you have NO way for people to contact you BUT you will still make Billions.

You don’t give a SH1T about the smaller businesses, you’re just interested in your profits!

Facebook IS Listening Out To You!

I know you’re ‘bots’ are reading messages inside Facebook.

I’m hear to expose GOOD and BAD businesses (based on MY experience and NOT hearsay!).

I’m coming after you FAKEBOOK!

Do you recon you can take on Google (We’ll see lol).

You can get FREE Digital Skills training over at Google, just click this link:


If you are SERIOUS about growing your business using the latest (and propriatory) done-for-you COST EFFECTIVE solution just get in touch (Serious business owners only, I can’t be arsed with tyre kickers (or tire if you are one of my lovely US buddies).

Love you,

Phil xxxxxx

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