Do You Want To Thrive or Just Survive?

Are you letting your competitors run circles around you online?

Are you not getting the traffic you need to grow your business?

Feel like you're just throwing money & time away on your online presence?

Are you feeling overwhelmed on what you 'should' do to market your business?

Build It And They Will Come!

“Shhhh! Can you hear the crickets?

Imagine this for a moment…

You’ve poured your heart and soul into creating a website that showcases your products or services in the best possible light.

You’ve invested time, money and energy to attract potential customers to your site (Oh, not to mention how much your website cost!).

But despite your efforts, the leads and sales you were hoping for just aren’t materialising!

Sounds all too familiar, doesn’t it? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Countless business owners like you are grappling with the same predicament.

The good news is that there’s a way out of this quagmire, an answer to your online traffic woes.

Visibility Is The Currency of Success!

What Is A Google Business Profile ?

Every local business needs a properly optimised Google Business Profile (GBP) with timely and relevant reviews. These are the ingredients that help propel your business from the shadows of anonymity to the spotlight of search engine results.

It’s the art and science of optimising your website so it appears higher in the search results, or better still Page 1 (where 75% of users never even scroll past!).

By leveraging your GBP and reviews, you’re not just increasing your online visibility, you’re attracting quality traffic, boosting your credibility, and laying a foundation for sustainable growth.

With a properly constructed and optimised GBP you’re not chasing customers, you’re ATTRACTING them!

An effective search strategy is not about throwing backlinks at your website, anyone can do that and it could hurt your website. We need to give the search engines what they want, and that’s good quality relevant content.

From ‘Invisible’ to INVINCIBLE! The COST EFFECTIVE Advantage YOU NOW HAVE!

People Don’t Care About YOU!!

Sad fact these days that MOST people couldn’t give a hoot about your business, they look at REVIEWS first. I’m sure you DO TOO!

Heres The Problem MOST Small Businesses Face! People just can’t be arsed to leave a review!

Of course, they’ll tell you anything when they are shopping with you, but the reality is life takes over once they step out of your premises!

Cost Effective vs Corporate Over-Pricing!

What if there was a way that you could get reviews that Google loves and actively seeks out, so you can OVERTAKE YOUR COMPETITION?

What if there was a way that ANY Small to Medium Sized business could afford this but MORE IMPORTANTLY has it DONE FOR YOU, would you be interested?

I’m not here to make millions. I know Millionaires and Billionaires, I even know a Billionaire (who will remain nameless of course) who advises the President of the United States (POTUS).

I’m here to HELP LOCAL businesses.

I’m not interested in CORPORATE, unless you have a high moral compass!

If you want to know more just hit me up, happy to jump on a quick call.

Don’t waste my time though, no tire kickers, I can’t be arsed with them.

I value my time over anything else now.

SERIOUS business owners ONLY!


Hi, I’m Phil..

Nice to see you here! My name is Phil Carrick, and I live in a small village just outside Downpatrick in Northern Ireland.

After discovering the world of Internet Marketing in 2010, I’ve worked as a small business marketing strategist at the Google Digital Garage in Belfast and consulted with hundreds of clients.

I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in Northern Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

My Approach

Cookie Cutters Are BANNED!

I realise that every business is different. Whilst we do have Standard Operating Procedures, I don’t follow a ‘cookie cutter’ approach. I actually listen to you and provide you with the best strategy based on YOUR needs, and not mine!

Your Success Is MY Success

I want you to have a smile on your face whilst you are working with me. Therefore, you have my GUARANTEE that I will work like a man possessed to help your business grow.

Our Journey Together

It’s A Team Sport!

Partnering with us means embarking on a transformative journey TOGETHER. We have to like each other, we have to laugh together!

That’s what’s life about, it’s not just ‘how much money can I make’. Been there, done that, It’s not a nice place to be!

No cookie-cutters here!

What Others Are Saying…

Phil has been a brilliant help to us all at Academic Fish, particularly in my role as Graphic Designer I have learned new ways to ensure what we make is engaging and effective for our audience. Lots of valuable tips and insights, thanks Phil!
Barry Rogan
Barry Rogan
I would highly recommend Phil for any digital marketing needs. His expertise, professionalism, and personalized approach make him a valuable asset for any business looking to grow their online presence.
Catherine Rooney
Catherine Rooney
Phil is amazing at what he does, I could not recommend him enough. Phil is a fountain of knowledge of all things marketing and not only tells you how to better your business, he actively shows you and makes sure you understand everything. Mentoring with Phil has not only had a profound impact on our business but also in myself professionally. A fantastic personality with fantastic expert knowledge that is guaranteed to improve your business.
Mary Slevin
Mary Slevin
Phil is an absolute gentleman and a wealth of knowledge! My business has gone from strength to strength with Phil's guidance and encouragement. My GMB profile and Facebook business page are doing very well. I very much appreciate everything you have done for me.
Johnny Parks
Johnny Parks
I have worked with many SEO companies throughout my career, but that 90 minutes with you was the most helpful that I have ever had. It isn't easy language to navigate when you are not familiar with it, but you are really good at what you do and at explaining language that can sometimes be opaque. I genuinely really appreciate your help and mentoring today. You are brilliant and you will be the first person that comes to mind if anyone I know needs help in this area.
Joy Kinney
Joy Kinney
The experience and professionalism that I have received from Red Chilli Digital has really helped my business get to a new level. I could not have done it on my own. I would recommend contacting this company to elevate your own business.
The Car Company Charles Casey
The Car Company Charles Casey
Phil delivered the goods. We had multiple issues with GMB profiles with two businesses registered to the same address, the business profile is now fully functional with better than expected results. When browsing for specialists in this sector look no further, great service, great chats and all importantly delivered as promised. Kind regards, Charles.
Kieran Haughey
Kieran Haughey
Phil has been a great help to me in driving my business forward. He is very knowledable on so many aspects of Google and Facebook, he really knows his stuff.
Anita Walsh
Anita Walsh
Great company, very professional and very helpful

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