I’m Phil, Founder and Chief Wizard at Red Chilli Digital

Meet the Local Magician: Turning Digital Pumpkins into Golden Carriages!

Hello, web wanderers! I’m sure you’re here because you’re looking for someone who can help turn your online presence from a non-existent ghost town to a bustling digital metropolis.

Well, you’re in luck. I’m Phil, the local wizard who’s been turning digital pumpkins into golden carriages since 2015.

Before we go any further, let me clarify, I’m not an actual wizard – my wand is my keyboard, and my spells are my local ‘cost-effective’ strategies that ANY business can afford, really!

With over 8 years working with local businesses, I’ve seen the digital landscape evolve from a barren desert into the lively, chaotic, and wonderful jungle it is today.

I’ve wrestled with Google’s algorithms, danced with Bing’s spiders, and even had a tea party with Yahoo’s bots and a wonderful and very good friend, and in my opinion ‘the King of Decentralised Finance’ education, and the person who introduced me to the Internet (what seems a lifetime ago lol!) the lovely and very handsome Mr Chris Farrell, The ‘Queen of Translink’ and even a Billionaire who advises POTUS (President of The United States of America!).

People often say, “ranking on Google is like trying to please a picky eater.” I say, “Nonsense! It’s more like cooking a delicious, multi-course meal for a gourmet chef.”

It’s all about balancing the right ingredients (hint: think REVIEWS!) to create a dish (your website) that not only appeases the discerning palate of search engines but also delights your customers. #doublewhammy

Local business is the bedrock, the foundation of our nation, wherever you are in the world. When I watch a local business go from online obscurity to online growth, then that’s my idea of heaven (really).

When I’m not wrestling with algorithms or weaving keyword magic, you’ll find me enjoying a good book, walking Lillie my overly energetic Cocker Spaniel, travelling to Dublin, Derry, Belfast in search for GOOD and BAD businesses to help protect you or trying to perfect my culinary delights.

Now that you know a little about me, I’m eager to learn about you and your business. Let’s help turn your online pumpkin into a shiny golden carriage together.

My Philosophy


No BS!

I’m not here to baffle you with jargon, I just get on with things and send you regular ‘jargon-free’ updates, it’s as simple as that!


No ‘Outsourcing’

Unlike many so-called ‘digital marketing companies’ I DO NOT outsource! What you see is what you get with me! I work with anyone, providing we can be friends!


We Win Together!

I’m not interested in ‘short-term’ projects or people that I don’t get on with! When we work together we are a team, and we will win together.

Your Content is Your Voice

Relevant, authentic, interesting and unique content is what Google loves! There’s no ‘dodgy’ backlinking or ‘black hat’ strategies here! Longevity is my aim for you. I want you to get sustainable and constant leads so your business grows.

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Grow Revenue

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