The $64,000 Question!

Do Facebook Ads work? Well, that’s the $64,000 question!

The bottom line is…

It depends what you are selling/offering?

Don’t worry, that’s not a ‘cop out’, just let me explain further…

Facebook ads can be extremely lucrative if you are selling Business to Consumer (B2C). We ran an advertising campaign for one of our clients in Sep 2020 and the ROI was over 900%

Did our client receive that ROI on month 1? No

It took 3 months for us to analyse the data that Facebook had presented us with, including gender, age, ad placement, device and operating system (yes, we even take into consideration operating systems to maximise our return on adspend (ROA)).

When it comes to Business to Business (B2B) then Facebook ads can still work, but it’s trickier to get a decent ROI. Why? Because the Facebook ad platform and targeting options tend to favour B2C more than B2B. We prefer to use other methods when we target B2B on behalf of a client.

Our Approach

Our client had a specific demographic that they wanted to reach, and that’s half the battle! That in itself could be the difference between a average and good campaign!

Our clients demographics were as follows:

  • the entire UK population
  • Women
  • Aged 25-54
  • Parents
  • Middle-income earners
  • Interests: withheld

Why 2 Separate Campaigns?

We advised that the client create 2 campaigns using the following Campaign Objectives:

  • Video Views Objective
  • Conversion Objective
Red Chilli Digital - Do Facebook Ads Work?

Each campaign was identical apart from the ad objective at the Campaign level

Why Use A Video Views Campaign When Client Wanted More Sales?

The reason why we created a video views campaign is twofold:

  • To help increase branding
  • To create a ‘Custom Audience’ inside Facebook to enable our client to ‘re-market’ to those who have not placed an order (this is significantly cheaper than targeting a ‘cold audience’

Whilst our client received sales from both ads, the ROI from the video ad was 6X

Please note that there is no ROI guarantee, there are a number of factors including:

  • The quality of the video
  • The video content
  • The ad copy
  • The call to action (CTA)
  • The targeting
  • The budget used
  • The duration of the ad

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay